On a business trip to the vibrant city of Tokyo, the bustling streets were filled with young individuals eager to express their unique style. There was Puia Shamsossadati, a visionary who keenly understood the void in the market, driven by his passion for design and a deep appreciation for the Japanese lifestyle.

Puia noticed that despite the ubiquity of Apple products, there was a lack of individuality when it came to their accessories. Apple Watches were identical and lacked the personal touch that people craved. Inspired by the energy and vibrancy of Tokyo, Puia envisioned a brand that would blend the essence of the Japanese lifestyle with the Scandinavian craftsmanship, creating something truly extraordinary.

And so, Y24 was born—a design-led Swedish lifestyle brand dedicated to crafting affordable-luxury accessories that would elevate the ubiquitous Apple Watches.

Puia and his team understood that combining the luxury heritage of their sister brand, Golden Concept, with the practical needs of everyday consumers would result in truly exceptional products.

Based in the city of Malmö, Y24 embraced minimalist design and Scandinavian craftsmanship. Their products were not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. What set Y24 apart was their commitment to innovation.

They developed a revolutionary design process that eliminated the need for screws, ensuring a skintight fit and reducing the potential for damaged components.

Puia, as the CEO and Founder of Y24, had a clear vision for the brand. He believed that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through their tech accessories. Apple products may be ubiquitous, but Y24 aimed to help people elevate their style in a way that was truly their own. With each meticulously crafted accessory, they sought to inspire individuality and self-expression.

The journey of Y24 was a testament to the fusion of cultures and ideas. Inspired by Japan, crafted in Sweden, and designed for the world, Y24 became a symbol of creativity and innovation. Their mission was to break free from the limitations of conformity, inviting everyone to embrace their unique style and make a statement through their tech accessories.

And so, the story of Y24 unfolds, driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, a blend of cultures, and a deep-rooted belief that true luxury lies not in exclusivity, but in the everyday moments that define our lives.